Papa Truck

pair snapped him up.

When writing songs, the band take their inspiration from the many great bluegrass players and bands out there. They then add their very own blend of influences from artists as diverse as The Beatles and Van Halen. Their well crafted, refreshing and uplifting songs are evidence of the band's love of many styles of music, and when asked to describe their sound, they simply say - "British newgrass!"

As well as playing numerous venues in their local area, where they have a strong and devoted following, Papa Truck have appeared at bluegrass festivals around the UK and Europe, including Didmarton Bluegrass Festival, North Wales Bluegrass Festival, Omah Appalachian and Bluegrass Festival in Northern Ireland, and The 2nd Vilnius Bluegrass Festival in Lithuania. As part of their trip to Vilnius they performed three original songs live on National Television. Papa Truck were also invited to support Tommy Emmanuel’s yearly “Tommy Fest” in 2008.