We welcome back one of our favroite dance bands Hekety.  Mixing traditional and self-penned tunes, Hekety have been playing cutting edge English dance music since their formation in 1997. Based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire they have performed to much acclaim at festivals and other events throughout the country.

Why the name? Hecate was a greek goddess associated with darkness and winter. You could meet her at crossroads, and she was connected to the night and the moon. She was also the Queen of the Witches in Macbeth. We didn't have any particular connection with who or what Hecate was but we liked the word… and changed the spelling in order to make it more obvious to pronounce.

The most important thing about the band is the dancing. We're a ceilidh band, so first and foremost we have to be good to dance to. That means watching the dancers while we play, and knowing enough about what is going on to be playing the right tune in the right way for a particular dance. Can't promise we always get it right but we do try! Secondly we want to be interesting to listen to, in terms of material and arrangements. That doesn't necessarily mean having smooth polished arrangements, but does mean getting the energy level right. We do plan our arrangements out in advance, at least loosely – but there's always room for improvisation. Some of our best material is arrived at spontaneously on stage.