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Our "Hands On" Workshops are where you get to learn something new or just sharpen up skills. From the Circus to Yoga and everything in between.Dance in loads of styles including Jive, French, Ceilidh, Zumba, Salsa, Morris........Poetry writing, Big Sessions, Community Singing, Knitting, Ukulele, Bodhran, Guitar, group playing, Clay Modelling, Sculpture, Paper Planes, Forest Skills and the now world famous Towersey Lantern build!Younger visitors also have their own tailor made workshop programme to chose from at the Children's Festival and Youth Festival.

Introduction to Storytelling Techniques

Workshop covering some of the basic principles of my approach to storytelling, including playfulness with language, a trust in ones own narrative instinct and interplay.  It’s lively, and fun. 

Fire Walking

The most inspirational journey you will ever undertake. Honu Firewalks unleashing the power of positivity…

Transforming thinking, Breaking through barriers, Empowering success, Simply life changing. Are you searching and seeking a positive, life changing experience? An adventure, a bit of excitement? Or are you just curious about how it can be done?

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Festival Choir with Roger Jackson

Join Roger for our huge community choir.  It seems to get bigger and better every year with over 100 singers last year. Whether you think you can sing or not, Roger will get you hollering out the tunes and making beautiful music with loads of other festival goers.  A great way to start each day; singing is food for the soul and puts a smile on your face.

Games for Grown Ups

Play, Play, Play – some of your favourite old games and some new fun team games too. You don’t need to be fit just willing to have some fun.

Duck, Duck, Goose…Captains Coming (Port and Starboard)…Grandmothers Footsteps…What’s the time Mr Wolf?  Which was your favourite childhood game?

You’re never too old to play, and at this workshop there will be nobody who is left out. Come alone or come with friends either way here you will make lots of new friends.

Different Ways of Thinking are pleased to provide an opportunity to play some traditional games again, mixed with some exciting team games and trust games. You will laugh lots and are guaranteed some good old FUN!



Zumba is one of the most popular and accessible forms of dance class.  Its infectious fast and fun and really easy to pick up and run with.  Kate Tpton is an exprienced Zumba teacher and brings a unique Festival flavour to her classes at Towersey!

Songwriting with Ange Hardy & Lucas Drinkwater

Join Ange and Lucas to explore how they approach song writing and look at song structure, influences, experiences and your own approach.

Tune Sessions with Banter and The Oxford Nags

Join members of these great bands for a lively morning tune session.  Learn new tunes and share the joy of playing together with some great lead musicians.  All standards welcome.  Just pitch up and play.

English Fiddle with Alma

Come and learn some great Fiddle tunes and some tips for better playing in this all levels welcome workshop.

Ukulele with Hamish Currie

Come learn to play this most accesible of instruments.  The most popular instrument in the work and such fun to pick up and bang out some tunes.  Everyone can have a go at this one and for those that already play, Hamish will take you through some great tunes and songs and provide loads of tips to improve your playing.

Cajun Dance Tunes workshop and Jam with The Flatville Aces

Join one of the UKs best Cajun bands and pick up some wonderful Cajun tunes to play.  Bring pretty much anything to play!

French, Euro, Bal and Scandi Dancing

Classes in French, Euro, Bal and Scandi dance.  Learn all the basics and some more advanced steps for those theat have experience.  All levels welcome to come and try out some great Europeon dance styles

Zulu Tradition Workshop

From KwaZulu Natal to the world's stage, rekindling the spark of Zulu culture and heritage through traditional drama, song and dance.  Join zulu Tradition for a very special workshop open to all.  Learn the songs and dance of this amazing culture from these wonderful performers.

Circus Skills with Rainbow Dragon

Pop along to the Rainbow Dragon stall on the Festival Green and have a go at Juggling, Devil Sticks, Diablo and more.  The guys are always happy to show you how and pass on handy hints.  And when Towersey is over, you never know, you might join the Circus!

Hands-on Stone Age history workshops

Outback2basics deliver hands-on Stone Age history sessions, bringing the Stone Age alive with an interactive timeline and practical workshops.Having lived as Stone Age people in the Wilds of America with no modern equipment and roaming the wilderness as true nomadic hunter gatherers, Outback2basics now use their stories to teach these primitive skills.

Lantern Making

Our most popular workshop and a mainstay of Towersey.  Alan and his wonderful team will help any new comers to create their dream lantern.  A great activity to do as a team, solo or with family.  Start planning what you will build now!


The daddy of all Yoga sessions!  This is perhaps our biggest workshop.  Sue's been running this daily morning yoga session for many years and has a big following but we always have room for more.  So bring a mat or a towel to lie on and start the day with a peaceful and energising stretch.

Knit & Natter

Knitting, Crochet and a good chat.  Come and learn how, share skills or just crack on with your lastest project.  Blankets, Gloves, Scarves and more.  A perfect way to start each day in good company.